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How to CNC machine a Point Of Sale display

Styling block model of a Point Of Sale display

DSI Products supplies special design promotional products. One of these is the BodyCard®, a protecting cover to safely store up to 7 credit cards and other cards. The cover can be opened to make access to the cards easy and clear. As the BodyCard can be printed with any message it is an effective promotional gift item.

The Bodycard is also sold to end-users, and to show it on the shop's counter for impulse buyers an attractive display unit was needed. Both the product and the display have been designed by Spirid designers in Rijswijk (NL). Both the company and the product (now "Secrid wallet") have been renewed since: see Secrid card protector.

The BodyCard (r)
The BodyCard display
The BodyCard and the display design (excl the printed back-board).

This display unit (Point of Sale display) is where DeskProto comes in, as a model was needed to evaluate this display in actual shop situations. Questions like can the products be taken off easily or will they fall off too easily cannot be answered without real-life testing.

Toolpaths in DeskProto
Machining simulation in DeskProto
Toolpaths for a styling block model, and a Simulation of the result.

A simple styling block model in foam (solid block) was sufficient for that aim: very easy to machine in DeskProto. As can be seen in the pictures the model had to be tilted a bit for machining: the opening direction of the mould needed to be oriented vertically.

Machining in foam
The resulting foam model
Machining the foam block, and the resulting styling block model.

The styling block model was machined in a light type of Poly URethane foam (PUR foam): very easy to machine. This material was OK as the forces applied on the model were minimal, and also no perfect finishing was needed.

The resulting product
Display (the resulting real product) with BodyCards, on the counter of a gas station.

The picture of the resulting model does not include the back: a printed board, attached to the back of the display. This board is for extra promotion, and also to support the cards that stand on the display.