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How to create a form-and-fit model

Form and fit model to test a Philips lamp packaging design

For this packaging design Rapid Prototyping was applied almost at the end of the project, as a final evaluation tool. Design bureau Flex Development needed a prototype to both check the form and fit (would the actual light bulbs fit in the cavities) and to present the final design to the clients board of directors.

Two foam models have been created using DeskProto, based on STL files from Pro Engineer.
The first evaluation model clearly showed that one cavity had to be slightly changed.

Milling process
Foam model
Machining the foam model, and next the result

The second model was OK, and after finishing the resulting presentation model was approved by the client.

presentation model
presentation model
The presentation model after finishing.

The Philips lamp pack is now available in any auto-parts store, in many 'flavours', each containing different lamp types.