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CNC machine a concept model of a motorbike

Foam model of a motorbike as CAD/CAM education project

Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands offers education for an academic degree in Industrial Design Engineering. One of the courses given is CAD modelling of complex surfaces, including the creation of a few foam models of the resulting geometry. At the time of this project (1998) both Amapi and Rhino were used as CAD systems, and DeskProto for the prototyping part.

The Zodia
Screenshot Amapi
The 'real' motor (Honda Zodia design study) and the 3D CAD model based on this Zodia.

The images show the results achieved by student Sonny Lim. He modelled a futurist motorbike, using the Honda Zodia design study as lead. In addition to Amapi he used 3D Studio, to model the engine and to calculate renderings. The resulting geometry from 3D Studio could be easily processed by DeskProto.

Foam model
Rendering of the3 CAD model, and the CNC milled concept model in foam.

Obviously (as it is a short course only) this is one of the more detailed resulting models.