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CAM software in your own language

Translated DeskProto versions.

DeskProto has originally been created in English, as that is the most widely used language for CAD/CAM software. Users in many countries round the world use this English DeskProto.

However, as for many other (potential) users the use of English will make the program less easy to understand, we are glad that for many languages a translated version is available as well. Such version makes sure that DeskProto indeed is the most easy-to-use 3D CAM software, as we meant it to be.

Languages that are supported

For each of these ten languages the software has been translated, however for most languages the Help file and the manuals have not been translated. Click below to open a page in your own language and check which items have been translated.

中文 (Chinese) Chinese flag
Deutsch German flag
English British flag
Español Spanish flag
Français French flag
Italiano Italian flag
日本語 (Japanese) Japanese flag
Nederlands Dutch flag
Polish Polish flag
Русский (Russian) Russian flag

The installation file for DeskProto V7.1 that you can download from this website (Setup file, AppImage or DMG file) is the same for all languages: when installing the first question will be which language you want tot use (older DeskProto versions still needed a different file for each language).

We do not speak all these languages, so for support you need to email us in English!
For support in your own language you need to buy the program from a reseller in your own country.